Our Mission


Academica West’s Mission is to further each client school’s efforts to accomplish their individual academic goals, to meet the commitments set forth in their charter, to ensure their resources are managed effectively, and to accomplish these purposes in compliance with the laws and rules governing your school.

Academica West’s philosophy on providing business management services is what truly distinguishes us from other providers. Our approach centers on our understanding that each school’s financial and business functions are inextricably connected to the school’s educational functions. Therefore, the true value that comes from engaging an experienced business and financial services provider is derived from that provider’s capacity and ability to recognize the connection between the various functions of a school and report, advise, and counsel with school leaders from a whole-entity perspective.

Working with Academica West ensures the highest level of specialization and professional service in every aspect of your school’s business operations. From financial audit support to bookkeeping, our financial services are provided and supervised at all levels by our accounting staff who have specialized expertise in Utah charter school finance, governmental accounting, financial analysis, funding, financial reporting, record keeping, auditing, and nonprofit tax issues.

In addition, Academica West’s services also include human resource management, legal compliance, policy implementation, ongoing board support and training, record keeping, USBE reporting, school administrator guidance/support, and ongoing guidance on best practices.